“If you’re all inked up and looking for an all-natural tattoo cream, you’ve come to the right place.

The reason I love the look of SK!N Tattoo cream is that I'm constantly asked by people what I recommend they put on their skin instead of chemically laden creams. You know the ones that just sit on the skin's surface that have a bunch of not so nice ingredients that are being absorbed into your body transdermally? I always recommend trying a product that uses natural ingredients to soothe and heal. People who have had microblading (semi permanent eyebrow tattooing) are also benefiting from this luscious cream, using it particularly to help speed up the aftercare process.

This cream uses only naturally selected oils and herbs to soothe and soften the skin. The combination of Macadamia oil, Olive oil, Vitamin E, Shea butter, Sweet Almond oil as well as Arnica and Liquorice root, two herbs traditionally used for bruising and skin conditions make SK!N Tattoo cream the ultimate tattoo aftercare.

It’s suitable for all skin types and is of the greatest quality to truly soothe the skin.”

Lee Holmes - Nutritionist, 9 x Author and Founder of Supercharged Food

Bondi, NSW

“I was complaining to my wife that there was no all-natural product out there to use for aftercare on my tattoos, when my cousin recommended I try a new product he had heard about called SK!N Tattoo cream.

I jumped online and read the details, the product promised all the things that I was looking for but I wondered if it would actually deliver on its promises and ultimately feel good. I decided to give it a go. I was genuinely surprised that the cream was not only smooth, light, odourless and easy to rub into my new tattoos but it also made my old tattoos come back to life without the oily/greasy look.

I don’t like old-school daily moisturisers because I don’t know anything about the chemicals I could be rubbing into my body and I don’t enjoy smelling like cream after I’ve just had a shower and am feeling fresh. I prefer not to use pawpaw because of its thick consistency and once my tattoos heal I’m left with a tube of product I don’t need.

I have been using SK!N Tattoo Cream for over a month now, my new tattoos have healed nicely and I now intend to add SK!N Tattoo cream to my list of products I wear each and every day… I whack on deodorant, cologne, SK!N Tattoo cream and off I go feeling good!”


Newcastle, NSW

“ SK!N Tattoo cream is by far the lightest and best tattoo aftercare product I have used. Having had laser tattoo removal and a cover up done I find SK!N Tattoo cream helps keep the skin healthy and nourished during the healing phase. I’ve used heavy thicker creams and waxes in the past that caused pimples and lumps on my skin that caused my tattoos to not heal correctly leaving marks. SK!N Tattoo cream absorbs into the skin perfectly without creating a greasy barrier on top that blocks pores. This cream does everything that the others don’t, I use it on older tattoos to make them brighter as well. This is the only cream I’ll continue to use.”


Alderley, QLD

“I would have to say hands down the best tattoo aftercare cream I have ever used. It doesn’t leave the area feeling greasy as it absorbs into the skin quickly. Three days after being tattooed and using this product I can say I am pretty much healed and there is minimal scabbing this is perfection, keep doing what you’re doing as the proof is in the results.”


Toowoomba, QLD 

“I love using this cream for aftercare! It’s a dream for healing of tattoos and I love the consistency and smell of the cream so much that I just use it as a daily tattoo moisturiser!”

Thao Tran - Tattoo Artist

Spotswood, VIC

“Love this cream! I have confidence and feel safe using this cream as it contains no nasty chemicals, has a neutral pleasant scent, is not greasy or sticky and helps soothe and heal tattoos well. I have recommended it to many local tattoo studios and reckon if you are a tattoo studio and don't have it on your shelf yet you must give it a go... So good. I've actually used it for more than just tattoo aftercare.”

Lynda Lawrence - Naturopath & Yoga Instructor

Byron Bay, NSW

“Tried and tested this is my favourite tattoo aftercare cream. It’s more like a moisturiser and soaks into the skin leaving the skin moisturised without the greasy texture of thicker aftercare creams! It’s all natural, vegan and has antibacterial agents in it to make sure your tattoo heals perfectly! Everyone of my clients who has used this have had their tattoos heal perfectly. Amazing product!”

Selena Snow - Tattoo Artist

Moonee Ponds, VIC

“SK!N Tattoo cream has been amazing! It’s so gentle and light on the skin which is really what you want when using aftercare on a healing tattoo or just day to day on your current pieces”


Bentleigh, VIC

“Best product i’ve come across hands down”

Brad Walters - Tattoo Artist

Queanbeyan, NSW

“I was sent this product to try as I am a tattoo artist. I recently had some shading done on my own arm and instead of using my regular aftercare cream I used SK!N Tattoo cream. This cream is incredibly silky and you don’t need much at all! Just a tiny bit goes so far. It instantly hydrated and soothed. My healed results look incredible. Super happy with this product!”

Tiffany Lee - Tattoo Artist

Prahran, VIC

“We are so excited to be collaborating with SK!N Tattoo cream and to use their product as our aftercare cream. The consistency is so smooth and non-greasy! Most of all it's cruelty free and vegan friendly. It’s 100% natural and contains Arnica and Licorice Root, two herbs traditionally used for bruising and skin conditions with Macadamia, Olive oil, Vitamin E and Shea Butter for deep moisturising. This product is so amazing that I am using it as my daily moisturiser! I have trialed so many different aftercare creams and highly recommend SK!N Tattoo cream to my clients for the longevity of their brows”

DG Microblading

Breakfast Point, Sydney

“Amazing results. Can't recommend this product enough. I've been using it for a few months now as a tattoo cream on my new tattoo and as a facial moisturiser/base for my makeup. It absorbs really well and doesn’t leave the skin greasy. Also great for anyone who has microblading done. Keep up the good work guys!”

Preeti - Cosmetician

Casula, NSW

“Amazing product! I used SK!N Tattoo cream on my first tattoo. It healed without any peeling or irritation. Highly recommend this product to those experienced in tattooing, and to those getting their first tattoo.”


Cronulla, Sydney

“I have been using SK!N Tattoo cream on my clients after performing cosmetic tattooing on eyebrows for a few months. My clients also purchase the cream and use it as their aftercare treatment. I can honestly say that the results have been nothing short of amazing. The colour retention and crispness of the work is retained beautifully! My clients have advised me that the cream is easy to apply and absorbs very quickly into the skin. Any itchiness is relieved instantly and healing is quick. I am so glad I have found this amazing product and I recommend it to anyone doing cosmetic tattooing!”

Maria Lamy - Cosmetic Tattooist

Dulwich Hill, Sydney

“Really great cream. Was looking for a tattoo aftercare cream that didn’t leave the skin feeling greasy or a strong scent and this cream seems to be perfect! My clients are loving it also.”

Kelly Isackson - Cosmetic Tattooist

Narabeen, Sydney

“SK!N Tattoo cream moisturizes and absorbs into the skin without being thick and greasy making it perfect for tattoo aftercare. Highly recommend.”

Jackson Pye - Tattoo Artist

Sydney, NSW

Thank you so much for your amazing samples! I love, love, love this tattoo aftercare cream…and only the most positive feedback from my clients! So soothing and perfect healed results!”

Kristina Condous - Cosmetic Tattooist

Mosman, Sydney

“AMAZING product!! Non-greasy and so soothing! So much so, I feel like I've walked out of a massage not a tattoo.
I keep forgetting about my tattoo until I see it!”


Flinders, NSW

Artwork by Chris Rand - RANDTAT2 & Cosmetic Tattoos